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Founded in Porrentruy as a result of the programme to upgrade tourism, “Enjoy Switzerland”, by Switzerland Tourism from 2013-2015, the Circuit secret® had 6 sites open to the public when it started. Then around approximately every two years, a new unusual site came on board to enhance the circuit. All the places have been provided with animations by the artist Camille Scherrer. Up to now, more than 40,000 visitors have pushed open the doors to the sites when going around the Circuit secret site of Porrentruy.


There was a move towards digitisation in 2019. In order to follow the tourist trends and to meet the expectations and lifestyles of visitors better, naturally the decision was made to digitise. The Circuit secret® website is the first step towards digitisation of this tourist product. Online booking is now possible and the opening of the doors to all sites using your mobile phone was launched this year, 2021.


Delémont is inaugurating its Circuit secret® in June 2020, with 6 mystery locations.

As well as discovering the town's medieval heritage, this tour plays with contrasts, plunges us into the 70s and uses the codes of comic strips and animation thanks to artist Dexter Maurer.

Discover it for yourself!


As part of the jubilee celebrations to mark the 1400th anniversary of St-Ursanne, the town is opening up a secret tour of the historical and religious heritage of the Pearl of the Jura.

Discover the legends of the place, its dialect, its basilica, its cloister, its lapidary museum, the hermit's cave, its gates and other treasures.

John Howe, the famous illustrator of The Lord of the Rings, provided the artistic direction.


From October 2021, Circuit secret® is available in the Canton of Freiburg: The Circuit secret Murten Licht is waiting for you until the end of Marche 2022.

The theme of the latter is light and it will further position the town of Murten as the capital of its kind in Switzerland.

Families and curious plunged into a unique experience, exploring six rooms illuminated by captivating installations and embarking on a new treasure hunt. This resounding success confirms the charm of the event, which has become a must-see for fans of luminous wonder and playful discovery. The artistic talents of Camille Scherrer, Jocelyn Raphanel, Martial Mingam, Graham Rollins, Ingo Kalecinski and Adrian Scherzinger from Morat have created an unforgettable magic.


St-Imier: the fifth Circuit secret!

Discover the conquest of running water through the mysterious spring near La Pimpinière and the lively old pumping station at La Raissette. Expo Electro at La Goule puts the spotlight on electricity, while Switzerland's smallest cinema at Espace Noir immerses you in anarchist thought. This project, supported by Jura bernois Tourisme, had its winter pre-opening December 2023.

Swann Thommen, the imérien architect of the Circuit secret, draws on local history to create a transcendent atmosphere. He uses his skills in music production and computer-generated images to create a unique immersive experience, bringing each site to life.


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